5 Super Selling Book Title Tips That Grab the Attention of Your Book Reader!

Is your book title designed to sell your book? If not, it may hinder the success of your book. Titles should reach out and grab the attention of your reader. Of course your book title works hand in hand with other power selling elements of your book such as the overall front cover, the colours, the back cover design and wording.

Top titles create excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm for more. You want your titles to express the heart and passion of your message, right?

Here are 5 super selling title tips to help create grab-your-attention titles:

  • Make your potential reader see the end result. For example, not everyone is interested in the latest diet program. But every one is interested in living their best life using simple and healthy ways to lose weight quickly. Thus Bob Greene’s Best Life book series was born. Create your title from the end result benefits your reader will receive after following your book’s principles.


  • Show the specific to your audience. Generalities don’t move people as well as specifics. Numbers, percentages and steps are a good way to show the specific to your book audience. An example, I use a lot is what if Lilyan Wilder had titled her book “How to Speak Without Fear?” It communicates the same message but the specific title grabs attention better, “7 Steps to Fearless Speaking.” The numbered steps send the instant message that I can speak without fear in 7 easy steps. If you’ve created a program for your readers, try to see if you can create 10 or less steps.


  • Entice your reader with a super selling book title. Create enticement in your title. Use curiosity, shock, emotion and even possible insult to entice your reader to read your book. I think its human nature; none of us want to be embarrassed. This is why the Dummies Series attracts so many buyers. Even the author’s eBook “21 Little Book Writing Mistakes That May Stamp Stupid, Stale, Silly or Sorry On Your Book” gets downloaded more than all other free ebooks offered.


  • Use power terms to pump up the effect of your title. Do you want to turn up the amperage on your title? Use power words to grab even more attention. Experts have discovered the exact same title with different words can pull dramatically different results. For instance, 72 hours sounds less than 3 days; 7 days sounds less than a week. Or 300% sounds like a bigger result than triple times. The above time frame and results are the same but which sounds better? Use power terms to make your end result sound bigger, faster, greater or just better.


  • Target the need of your potential book reader. Let’s be real, all of us look for the magic pill solutions in life. We want our needs met in the easiest and fastest way possible. The book title, “The Power of Information Products” doesn’t promise to meet a desire or need. The title “40 Ways to Create New Income Streams from Your Book” speaks directly to the authors desire to make extra money from their existing book.


If you don’t develop the above titling skills and add a power punch to all your marketing materials, front book cover and chapter titles, your book may never get the attention it deserves. Book titles set the stage for your potential audience. They grab your potential reader’s attention and compel them to read. Use the above principles to write a book title that gets your important message read. Title your book well and prosper!

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