Delighted to meet you.

we see you

Does that scare you or excite you? I have spent my entire career somewhere in between desperately wanting to be visible and fearful of getting noticed. Call it a mixture of passionately wanting to have a more significant impact in the world, mixed with a big dollop of imposter syndrome.


Who was I to be forging my own path in the vast world of publishing? I remember when I was first starting out, and I popped over an email to one of my biggest publishing inspirations, I was looking for that gentle hand on my back to encourage me to go for my dreams. The reply shocked me a little.

“What makes you think you are expert enough, and how do you even know if you are capable?”

I wasn’t sure if she was being helpful or condescending, but it did make me look back over my life & experiences, which highlighted precisely why this was my moment to show the world my expertise. (You can read my story on the blog)

Have you ever second-guessed yourself? Like my inspiration second-guessed me? It’s likely at some point while deciding whether or not to write a book that you have told yourself, one, if not all, of the following:

“No one will want to read what you write.”
“Your ideas are bland, boring.”
“Your ideas are too controversial.”
“You’ll never make enough money.”
“You’ll be laughed at.”
“No publisher will accept it.”

On and on.

Recognise any of those?

But that little voice doesn’t have to stop you from writing your book like it didn’t stop me from writing mine. Do you want to know how you can drown it out? By not isolating yourself during the process.

When you attempt to write your book on your own, you only have your voice to listen to, when you decide to get support on the journey, you have our voices to listen to as well. Expert, caring and encouraging voices.

we hear you

Yes, above all that noise from others within your industry, we hear your voice. I know it can seem like you are sharing your message and not being listened to, but that isn’t the case at all.


Your audience is merely waiting for you to showcase your knowledge with a little more authority. Anyone can write a post on social media, but only a true & knowledgeable expert can write a book on their subject matter.

Can I tell you the most prominent difference it made for me? It took me from feeling like I needed that validation from more experienced publishers to hearing these exact words from my clients, “I can’t believe I’m writing my book with the Industry leader” I mean… seriously.

Maybe it’s your story that you want to be heard? After all, your life experiences can help you teach, empower and inspire others. Your story is important, it is of great value, and it will be your legacy. I have a super emotional personal experience of this; it was my nudge to launch Authors & Co, you can read more about that (Here).

we choose you
This is the bit that either scares the hell out of you or fills you with emotions of pure joy.
You don’t need to make a submission and hope & pray for acceptance, we accept you, exactly as you are. You always were and always will be good enough.


Partnership publishing is a choice that YOU get to make, it’s not a gamble or wish, it’s a decision that you can make to share your voice, your message and your words with the world.

We just give a little more power to those words, together.