Your Story Starts Here:


From the Award-Winning Publisher of Authors & Co & International Bestselling Author, Abigail Horne.

Have you ever wanted to write a book to share your knowledge and expertise on a global scale? Maybe you know that in order to become “the one” that people want to work with, you need the extra authority that comes with becoming an author? Or maybe now it’s time to create your legacy?

Writing and publishing a book can seem so confusing, maybe you are wondering how to:

•Overcome the fears of “Who will buy my book” or “This book has been written before”
•Overcome the challenges of “Where do I start?” Or “I don’t have time to write”
•Make a plan and establish a writing schedule.
•Navigate the process of HOW to publish and what that journey looks like.
•SELL copies of your book!

“Your Story Starts Here” will teach you how to write and release that purpose within you and give you the skills that you need to become an author that truly influences change in the world.

Abigail is a globally recognised expert in her field having helped hundreds of authors achieve their writing goals and become THE ONE that people want to invest in.

Are you ready to unleash your potential and become a magnet with your message?

Complimentary Companion Course 

To help guide you through this book, I have created a bonus companion course that contains downloadable workbooks, bonus video content and all of the links and resources mentioned in this book.

This is your first step towards success with the content in this book, so I highly recommend you sign up now.

The materials in this free course have been organised into the sections and chapters of this book, making it easy for you to find what you need as you read along.

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Chapter 1

This Chapter Includes:

  • Time to make your book dream a reality
  • My promise to you
  • The truly empowered woman

Chapter 2

This Chapter Includes:

  • Tell me again why you haven’t got a book for your business
  • Now is your time
  • The burnout epidemic
  • You’re losing income

Chapter 3

This Chapter Includes:

  • Still life
  • I will never be good enough syndrome
  • I never finish anything
  • This type of book has been written before
  • I don’t have time to write 
  • Who will take me seriously?
  • I’m terrible at sales

Chapter 4

This Chapter Includes:

  • The traditional publishing route
  • The self-publishing route
  • The partnership publishing route

Chapter 5

This Chapter Includes:

  • Starting to write
  • Tangible results
  • Your dream reader
  • Building your audience
  • Creating your book blueprint
  • Writing habits
  • Writer’s block
  • Creating your first draft
  • Beta readers

Chapter 6

This Chapter Includes:

  • The quality of your work
  • Editing & revisions
  • Your final manuscript
  • Book cover design 
  • ISBN’s
  • Titles, subtitles & keywords
  • Your book description
  • A “WOW” Amazon author profile

Chapter 7

This Chapter Includes:

  • Your book marketing timeline
  • Power in numbers
  • Email marketing
  • An alluring book trailer
  • Podcasts
  • Reviews

Chapter 8

This Chapter Includes:

  • You have options
  • What we believe
  • Who we work with
  • Collaborative projects

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