The business benefits of publishing your book.

“A well-crafted book is clearly the crown jewel of credibility.” L. Frederiksen.

This weeks blog comes as a reminder that being ‘business savvy’ requires moments of stepping up and stepping out to achieve your potential. If there is one way of putting you out there, becoming a best selling author is an absolute way of doing it! Especially if you are looking to become a more prominent influencer in your industry, or to be known as an expert in your field. Along with the many personal benefits I blogged about last week, today we are wearing our business savvy hats to delve deeper into the positive impact that publishing your book can have in areas of your business, finances, and profile- taking you to your highest heights!

Raving fans create a person of influence.

To win in the field of business, you need to create a following of raving fans who will love and value YOU and what you have to offer. The momentum for this will be generated through the positive, influential and ultimate value which you can share in every format of your book. Your lessons, blessing, teachings, failures, and successes will all come as the foundation to create long-lasting loyalty and respect in your field of expertise. In real terms its a powerful marketing tool, one that creates you as the resource for guidance and information for your readers (now and in the future), giving you the edge over competitors in your field. Your role is to educate, not to sell. It’s important to focus on the long-term goals of your business, and rather than making a quick sale today; it’s about becoming the person/ company/ business that people go to when they need what you have to offer. Your book will be your twenty four hour weapon to do this and will work while you are not.

Credibility in your field.

Your book is one that can be shared with authenticity, honesty, and with real-life strategies ultimately enhancing lives and businesses around the world. You need to put yourself out there as a leader in your field, one who is a credible expert. This credibility can also be a fantastic foundation to source new opportunities such as public speaking, training events, increased opportunities to reach out to more people, maximize referrals and charge higher fee’s in alignment with your business goals.

Often, our books allow us to be vulnerable and share our message in a ‘real life’ context. This is the perfect foundation for introducing yourself, your values, your mission and your change in the world. Knowing this about you is so vital for many of our consumers before they want to part with money, so its a great way to build that bridge of trust and let them know about you, all that you are about and how you can positively impact them.

Let’s talk money.

Having the opportunity to expand your client base in itself will move you as an asset within your field. It creates a platform to grow and accelerate your tribe of fans which in turn will generate an increase in revenue. Your book is a different way of reaching the attention of your target market and those you want to impact in line with your work positively. There is so much out there nowadays; it’s about rising above the noise and producing something that will inevitably drive consumers back to the products, services, your website and support systems that you offer. Your business book will be the tool to do this!

“Because an unrealised dream is safer than an action that could fail.…right?” J. Goins

So you may be thinking this all sounds great but how can I possibly write a book? And better still create a number one best selling book with guaranteed publicity and marketing in place to achieve these many business benefits?

The truth is anyone can and with our support team in place, the successful launch of your book is inevitable. Even if your not a writer yourself or perhaps don’t have the time to write, we can ghostwrite your book and bring your lessons, teachings, and story to life! Our system allows for all of the personal and business advantages of publishing a best selling book can deliver and we can’t wait to help you share yours. We hope always to inspire you to become your highest self!

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A well crafted book is clearly the crown jewel of Credibility Quote - Authors and Co - Brand Yourself Bestseller

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