Are you ready to captivate young minds with tales of adventure and life lessons? Dive into our Chapter Book Writing Course, where we’ll help you transform your ideas into engaging stories that will have kids turning pages faster than ever before. Your journey to becoming a beloved children’s author starts here!

What is a Chapter book?

Chapter books hold a puzzling definition across the industry and are often muddled with middle grade books or pegged by age ranges, but we define them differently, as children of all ages have a wide range of reading abilities, we like to describe them as shorter novels encompassing 10,000 to 20,000 words, accessible to all ages. Let’s just meet our children and readers exactly where they are at.

Why the emphasis on chapter books? These pivotal stories bridge the gap between being read to and independent reading, shaping young readers’ perspectives while growing in confidence. They blend education and entertainment, offering writers a unique opportunity to engage and enlighten simultaneously.

The bedtime story routine has shifted with technology, but the impact remains crucial. While iPads sometimes ease the load for parents (and some of our children too), it’s essential to ask: what do we want filling our children’s minds at bedtime? Stories crafted to evoke warmth, adventure, and life lessons or mind-numbing digital content?

For us at Authors and Co., shaping inclusive literature has become a passion. Our recent endeavour, ‘The Enchanted Christmas Treasury,’ embodies diverse characters and stories, providing representation for young readers often overlooked in traditional literature.

SO this is a call to action: if the book you desire for your children isn’t on shelves, write it. The realm of chapter books creates an incredible opportunity for new voices to flourish as the most underserved area of children’s fiction.

We aim to unravel the complexities surrounding chapter books, reminding us all that these stories impact children’s development regardless of prescribed age ranges. Let’s liberate our young readers from restrictive labels and immerse them in the timeless joy of literature—starting with chapter books.

Starting your journey as a children’s author by writing a chapter book can have several advantages:


Accessible Complexity:

Chapter books sit between picture books and middle-grade novels in terms of complexity. They provide the opportunity to write more complex plots than in picture books, but without the requirement for the depth and length of a full novel. This makes them a great starting point for new authors.

Develop Storytelling Skills:

Writing chapter books allows you to develop your storytelling skills. You must create engaging characters, interesting plots, and themes that resonate with young readers, all within a relatively short word count.

High Demand:

There is a constant demand for chapter books as they are often used in educational settings to help children transition from picture books to longer novels. Schools, libraries, and parents are always on the lookout for good quality chapter books.

Series Potential:

Chapter books often come in series, which can be advantageous. Once readers connect with your characters and writing style, they’re likely to want to read more. This not only means potential success for your first book but also for subsequent books.

Creative Freedom:

With chapter books, you can explore a variety of genres and topics. Whether you’re interested in mystery, fantasy, adventure, or everyday stories, there’s room for your unique voice.

Reader Engagement:

Chapter books target an age group (generally 6-10 years old) that’s developing reading independence. It’s a stage where children start to form their own reading tastes. As an author, you can play a crucial role in this phase, making the experience both rewarding and impactful.

Quicker Turnaround:

Compared to longer novels, chapter books can be quicker to write, revise, and publish due to their shorter length. This allows new authors to gain experience with the entire publishing process more quickly.

But, success in writing chapter books, like any other type of writing, requires understanding your audience, honing your craft.

If you have been dreaming of writing your very own children’s chapter book, we have something for you…

Hi, I’m Abigail Horne

owner and founder of the award-winning publishing company Authors & Co. We are a partnership publishing company that facilitates making book dreams come true.

After the massive success of “The 2023 Christmas Treasury Book”, we have decided that during 2024 will deliver a professional training programme to support you in bringing your own children’s chapter book to life. These are books aimed at readers 6-10.

If this has been your dream, but you don’t know where to begin or you simply want to learn the craft of writing fiction for children, then this programme is for you.

There are many reasons why people can struggle to write a chapter book without guidance,


✒ A lack of inspiration or direction: It can be difficult to come up with a compelling story idea and develop it into a full-fledged chapter book.

✒ Difficulty with plot development: Many writers struggle with creating a cohesive and engaging plot that keeps young readers invested in the story.

✒ Difficulty with character development: Building believable, relatable characters is a crucial aspect of writing a children’s book, but it can be challenging to create characters that are both unique and well-rounded.

✒ Lack of structure: Writing a chapter book can be overwhelming, especially if the writer does not have a clear idea of what needs to be done and when.

✒ Limited writing experience: Some people struggle with writing because they lack the experience or skills needed to create a compelling story and develop it over the course of a long work.


This does NOT need to be your story.

Meet Deanne & Hazel

our expert Storytelling mentors 

Deanne loves to help people grow in confidence, express the stories they have within them, and help them see that they already have the potential and power to become the writer they want to be. Deanne helps budding authors write their first books and prepare their manuscripts for publishing.

Hazel, our resident children’s writer. lives, sleeps and eats stories. Her imagination is the spark you need to help you bring your stories alive.

Together, we have created a training programme that will take you from rough thoughts in your head to being able to write your first children’s chapter book. I have also recorded you a Chapter Book Podcast Series filled with valuable insights into this area of children’s fiction.

A Confident beginning…

We will professionally deliver a series of essential training workshops for you to explore the craft of writing. You will discover the vital aspects of what it takes to write and develop your first children’s chapter book.

Here is the list of weekly sessions you will enjoy with us.

We want to help you write a children’s book that everyone is talking about! And we are speaking from experience here, we have just done EXACTLY that. My children’s book has been featured in magazines, recommended in countless gift guides and parenting blogs and also made it onto the news.

So why now? Why get your chapter book written?

There are so many benefits to writing your children’s book, Including:

Skills Development:

Writing a book improves various skills, including creativity, language proficiency, storytelling, and discipline. It’s a great way to exercise your imagination and improve your ability to express ideas in written form.

Personal Growth:

The process of writing can lead to personal growth. It can help you explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, foster empathy by putting yourself in your characters’ shoes, and encourage you to see things from different perspectives.

Educational Impact:

If you’re writing a children’s book, you have the opportunity to impact young readers. You can introduce them to new ideas, help them learn about the world, and instill a love for reading.

Sense of Accomplishment:

Writing a book is a significant achievement. Seeing your ideas take shape into a complete narrative can provide immense satisfaction.

Career Opportunities:

Your first book could open doors to new career opportunities. Whether you choose to continue writing books or branch out into other forms of writing, your first chapter book can be a stepping stone to a fulfilling career as an author.

Legacy Creation:

A book has permanence that few other mediums possess. By writing a book, you are creating something that can be enjoyed by generations to come, leaving a lasting legacy.

Potential for Income:

Writing can become a source of income. Whether through traditional publishing, self-publishing, or hybrid models, there’s potential to earn from your work.

Writing a book is a journey. It might be challenging, but the rewards you reap – both tangible and intangible – can make it all worthwhile.

Our training programme will help you unlock many of these benefits as you take action towards your writing goal.

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