Are you ready to move into our 1:1 Services? If so, I have a separate package just for you…

(This is for anyone who has previously invested in “The One” programme)

Just like a fingerprint, your book is unique, so although you have experienced one of our group programmes, maybe you’d like to experience something a little more bespoke now you have all the right foundations for your book?

What I can share with you in this page is the package I can offer you, what is harder to articulate is showcasing the essence of who we are when we work alongside you. This package offers you the essentials required for bringing your book to life, but here is what isn’t listed, and what you can expect from the “& CO” part of the partnership.

Dedication, Devotion & Damn right passion for your project.

Although we will tick off all the necessaries, we will do so with a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude to ensure that your experience with us is everything you could have dreamed of and then some.

The bit you don’t want to scroll all the way to the bottom to find out…

I’m Abigail Horne

Owner & Founder of Award-Winning Publishing House, Authors & Co – also a Bestselling Author & Featured Publishing Expert in Forbes.

I have personally helped nearly 500 business owners, become #1 Bestselling Authors by writing and publishing books that raise their profiles.

I see you…


You KNOW you are an expert at what you do, but you need potential clients to SEE you as the expert.

You have a mission that’s bigger than yourself, you feel like you were born to make a difference.

You want to claim the opportunities & success that come with becoming an authority in your industry.

You can do it!

✔ We’ve made you a roadmap. A plan of action. A tried-and-true system to follow so you can feel confident about the future of your book.

✔ We are going to guide you through it, so you feel supported and accountable throughout.

✔ You are about to become an author that people stand in a queue for, just to get their book signed. How exciting is that?

Let’s do it the right way

This is likely going to be the FIRST exposure someone gets to you and your brand unless you do this properly – it will have the exact OPPOSITE effect of what you are striving for.

The key to a successfully self-published book is that NO ONE should be able to tell its self-published.

Only then will it fly.


Needs to be well executed and feel great to the reader, not you.


Needs to look and feel like a professional has spaced and styled it correctly.


Needs to do so many things, and you will have a dedicated designer to bring your vision to life.

Your Questions Answered…

Q - Once I get started so I need to complete within six months?

A – No. Once you choose your own launch date, we simply work backwards from there creating you a schedule to work to. Although we won’t tell you when you are launching (you choose) we will then expect you to stick to that date because a lot of people and moving parts will be organised for you at great cost. You taking longer isn’t an issue. You moving your launch date once you have decided it, is. So the only thing you need to be mindful of is sticking to the timeframe you set yourself with our guidance on what should be complete by when.

Q - Will you retain any of the rights of royalties?

A – No. You will retain everything.

Q - Will you be offering this again?

A – I’d love to think so in the future! But for now it’s a one time opportunity.

Q - How long is the programme?

A – It’s not. A programme that is. It is YOU working 1:1 with my team. You choose your own publishing date and we work backwards from there.

Q - Do I need to have already written my book?

A – No. we actually prefer to work with authors who are starting from scratch because your book will then be written in the way that we know will delight your readers.

Your opportunity to work with us by choosing your preferred payment option…

Clients who have done it!