If you have been dreaming of an end-to-end supported process for writing and publishing your very own novel, look no further…

Hi, I’m Abigail Horne

owner and founder of the award-winning publishing company Authors & Co. We are a partnership publishing company that facilitates making book dreams come true.

We partner with you, the author, in writing and publishing the novel that you keep thinking about writing, but are procrastinating on because you just don’t know where to start.

There are many reasons why people can struggle to write a novel on their own, 


✒ A lack of inspiration or direction: It can be difficult to come up with a compelling story idea and develop it into a full-fledged novel

✒ Difficulty with plot development: Many writers struggle with creating a cohesive and engaging plot that keeps readers invested in the story.

✒ Writer’s block: This phenomenon, also known as “creative block,” can make it difficult for writers to produce new content, even if they have a great idea.

✒ Difficulty with character development: Building believable, relatable characters is a crucial aspect of writing a novel, but it can be challenging to create characters that are both unique and well-rounded.

✒ Fear of failure: Many writers are afraid of putting their work out into the world, which can lead to self-doubt and a lack of motivation to continue writing.

✒ Lack of structure: Writing a novel can be overwhelming, especially if the writer does not have a clear idea of what needs to be done and when.

✒ Limited writing experience: Some people struggle with writing a novel because they lack the experience or skills needed to create a compelling story and develop it over the course of a long work.


This does NOT need to be your story.

Meet Deanne

our expert Storytelling mentor and editor.

Deanne loves to help people grow in confidence, express the stories they have within them, and help them see that they already have the potential and power to become the writer they want to be. Deanne helps budding authors write their first books and prepare their manuscripts for publishing.

Together, we have created a three-step process that will take you from rough thoughts in your head to a published book in the hands of your readers.

Step One…

a confident beginning

We have professionally filmed a library of essential training videos for you to explore the craft of writing. You will discover the vital aspects of what it takes to write and develop your novel to get you confidently prepared for Step Two.

Here is the list of trainings you can enjoy in our video library. Each of these videos has subtitles and is accompanied by notes in the form of easy-read Word documents. We have chosen not to put these into “pretty workbooks”, enabling better accessibility to those who need it. Our notes documents can be changed in font size or font style and can be read aloud with screen readers.

Step Two…

Writing doesn’t have to be lonely.

We know that in order for you to write the best book you can, 1:1 support is invaluable.

Once you have digested the training materials in Step One, you will be invited to work with Deanne personally, who will help you develop and shape your novel ready for Step Three.

Your support package includes…

Your Support Package includes:


1:1 session every month for 12 Months to help you make progress with your novel.

In your monthly 1:1 session, you can discuss anything that will help you make progress. That might be plot holes or character development… world building or dialogue… setting goals or time frames. The topic for discussion is always what you need it to be. The approach Deanne takes is to meet you where you are and help you find the path in front of you.


Monthly group workshop on Zoom.

This is where you find a friendly community of like-minded writers and aspiring novelists who meet to discuss an element of the craft of writing. It’s not a lecture-style session – Deanne brings a topic to the table and the group decides where it goes. Everyone has their own experiences of writing, reading and watching stories and everyone goes away with more food for thought.


Within a private Facebook group, weekend challenges will be run to keep you motivated. These challenges also offer you the opportunity to have weekly feedback on your writing.


Also within the private Facebook group, regular writing sprints are held to help you create a regular writing habit. Our motto is ‘progress not perfection’!

Working with our story coach and mentor can offer several benefits, including:

✓  Improved writing skills: Helping you hone your craft, improve your writing style, and develop your skills in areas where you struggle.

✓  Increased motivation and accountability: Providing you with encouragement and support, as well as holding you accountable to your goals.

✓  Better story development: Helping you create a compelling plot and develop your characters more fully.

✓  Feedback and constructive criticism: Providing you with constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement, helping you refine your work and overcome creative blocks.

✓  Increased confidence: Working with our whole team will give you more confidence and inspiration to complete your novel.

✓  New perspectives and insights: Offering you fresh perspectives and insights, helping you see your work from new angles and gain a deeper understanding of your characters, plot, and themes.

step three…

Let’s get you published.

Once your book is written to the standard of your “Best Draft” with Deanne’s support, we will then take it off your hands for publishing.

You will then have the absolute pleasure of working alongside some of the most talented professionals within the publishing industry as they bring your book to life.

Your publishing package includes…

Copyedit of your Final Draft Manuscript

✓ Professional Formatting & Typesetting

Bespoke Book Cover Design & Marketing Graphics Pack

Publication of Paperback & Kindle editions of your book

Publication of a beautiful Hardback edition of your book complete with Jacket (uploaded with wider distribution channels)

Authors & Co official ISBN

The loading and categorising of your files into a Print on Demand Platform to avoid the unnecessary costs of printing, packaging and posting your books out to readers. This will all be fulfilled for you.

If all of the above isn’t enough… here is the best bit…

You will retain all of the rights to your book and your royalties too. This will make life so much easier for you should your book be found at a later date by a traditional publisher (which has happened for some of our authors)



A comprehensive training library to give you the foundational knowledge you need to get started.


1:1 Mentorship and group support to help you write the best book you can.


Your published novel in your hands (and your readers’ hands too).

Payment Plans Available…

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