Behind the scenes of Authors & Co!

the open day!

Come and find out for yourself if we are the right company to bring your book dream to life…

Monday 25th October 2021

10am - Meet Lucy!

Lucy is our Operations Manager who works alongside our authors from start to finish – Come and listen to what that looks like in terms of support for our authors.

11am - Meet Deanne!

Deanne is our Editor, she works alongside our authors in lots of different ways depending on the project – come and listen in to how she can help you with yours!

12pm - Meet Matt!

Matt is one of our design team, he has worked alongside all the major publishers in the UK including designing New York Times Bestsellers.

1pm - Meet Celestin!

Another huge asset to our design team, Celestin has worked on some massive graphic design projects including campaigns on behalf of facebook. Celestin is a talented Illustrator and specialises in Typography. (Both magic ingredients for non-fiction covers)

2pm - Meet Nicola!

Nicola supports our authors with their on going marketing by designing and building our book funnels, Nicola also built our entire system which houses over 150 author portfolios at any one time.

3pm - Meet Jo!

If there is a heaven sent hero in this process, it is most definitely Jo! She is the most celebrated member of our team with by far the most time consuming and fiddly job in formatting. Come and meet our authors favourite person and be glad this is a job we can take off you!

8:15pm - Meet Abigail!

As the proud owner of Authors & Co, I want to share with you what it has taken to build a winning team, I also want to showcase the new format of our signature programme “The One” giving you the opportunity to work alongside my incredible team on your book during 2022. This session will also involve giveaways & prizes to thank the attendees of the open day sessions.

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