Proudly introducing the “& Co”

Abigail Horne

The Boss

A lifelong lover of books, with a passion for people & publishing.
(and a background in exec level sales & marketing)

“Rejection can destroy dreams, that’s why here at Authors & Co, we see you, we hear you, and we CHOOSE you. With our help, you can share your important message and leave your legacy, with a little bit of added style of course!”

Abigail is your partner in publishing, giving you encouragement along with expert advice to take your book from planned to penned to published.

Jo Swann

PR Maven

Founder of Chocolate PR, Jo is on a mission to help others banish imposter syndrome, whilst getting more visible by becoming a media-ready rockstars. Jo is a powerful force behind you, your book and your business.

Alana Horne

Proof Perfectionist

Our newest edition to the team, Alana helps polish up those manuscripts so that you can be confident in your professional end product. She also has THE most amazing hair.

Tim Barber

Head Book Cover Designer

Founder of Dissect Designs, Tim is passionate not only about a design that you desire but also about a design that sells!

Tim has worked on a number of our #1 Bestsellers, although some designs you see on here may have been designed by our authors own designers too. He has no idea why this doodle shows him in a turtle neck; he, in fact, does not even own one.

Esme Talbot


Our fantastic illustrator is the owner & head designer at Scruffy Little Herbert. Esme is wildly talented and works on all illustrative projects ranging from children’s fiction to works of self-help and non-fiction.

Jo Gilbert

Head of Formatting / Interior Design

Jo takes the lead on the interior design of your book, now offering 73 pages of choices for styling your manuscript!

It’s fair to say that Jo undertakes one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks in the process, and does so with nothing but passion and patience! Jo thinks she looks like a blonde Hayley Cropper in her doodle and it has made us laugh so much, we won’t change it.

Jo Maloney

PR Maven with added cuddles

Jo Maloney is a PR expert at Chocolate PR, together with Jo Swann these ladies are PR dynamite. Jo Maloney not only delivers incredible client results but is also that gentle hug that some of us need to have the confidence to become more visible.