Do you want to make a lasting & positive impact on young minds…whilst making an extra income too?

Then the Purposeful Picture Books experience is for you.

During this in-person experience, I’ll take you through the process of creating your very own picture book. From initial idea, to writing, the story arc, characters, the plot, and working with an illustrator. The great thing about picture books is that there is no rigid ‘blueprint’, but I hope with advice and guidance you’ll be able to understand what it takes to write a great story and create your own picture book for young readers (and let’s face it, adults love them too!)

There has never been a better time than now…

✔ As the wifi connection has been increasing, human connection has been decreasing, more than ever we need to encourage children to put down their screens and enjoy the simplicity of stories.

✔ It has never been easier to access millions of people all over the world, we have the ability to create a ripple effect of joy for young children, teaching our little learners all about the world around them.

✔ To be able to make an additional income, whilst making a difference is available to us all, we just need to find the courage to give ourselves permission to follow our dreams. The UK children’s fiction market share for 2021 has been reported as £733m, this is the reward for bringing magic to our small peoples lives.

You are feeling a mixture of overwhelmed and excited… I get it!

✒ You are struggling with where to begin.

✒ You are afraid of getting it wrong, or missing out important steps.

✒ You are feeling so stuck that you think your children’s book may never happen, but it’s a dream you really want to make happen!

✒ You are just going around in circles without any specific, actionable direction that leads you to getting your book in children’s hands.

You can do it!

✔ I have so many things to share with you, that are going to give you confidence and clarity, while giving children lots of joy and life lessons.

✔ I am going to guide you through it, so no questions go unanswered, and so that you are encouraged and supported throughout your learning.

✔ You aren’t alone, you can lean into other aspiring children’s authors experiencing the same creative and engaging process.

Meet your tutor, Abigail

Abigail is also a mum of three avid little  readers, Ted aged 11 (The world’s number one David Walliams fan!) Polly, aged 3 (“I want my Potty” is still going strong 35 years later in this house!) and Bobby aged 2, (Currently obsessing over the Gruffalo board book with felt flaps!)

Abigail is a literary powerhouse having written several bestselling books whilst also having worked with over 500 authors to do the same. Abigail’s impact spans more than 50 countries and her work with various charities has raised tens of thousands.

Attracting her team from the biggest publishing houses in the world, Abigail has set a new standard when it comes to hybrid publishing.

As a featured expert in Forbes, Marie Claire and The Huffington Post, Abigail is certainly no stranger to the media. Her work has also been showcased on BBC News and in Pick Me Up Magazine when Abigail was named their  “One in a Million”

What’s included?

Here is a peak at some of the teachings I will personally be delivering to you:

Continue your experiemce with a passionate group of aspiring authors

We will start by enjoying a full day in-person (and intimate) workshop together, you will then enter a  community of authors to keep you accountable to writing your very own Picture Book. During the six weeks you spend together after the workshop; you will find one another a great source of feedback, Insight and encouragement. The collaborations and friendships formed will be invaluable. Of course, Abigail will be joining you in there too.

Your investment


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