calculate your return on investment.


The bit people forget when they invest in publishing is that there is a product that can be immediately sold at the end. We focus so much on fulfilling our purpose that we forget about profits! A book isn’t just a nice to have; it has the ability to make you A LOT of money if made integral to your marketing.

In my first 12 months, I made just over £250,000 from my book. This was based on 2500 sales that I worked hard for, and some of those readers then bought my courses and became publishing clients. I tracked this very carefully to see where my clients were coming from because my readers access materials throughout the book that those who haven’t read it won’t be able to access. That means I know who they are and where they came from.

Have a play about with your own numbers, or download a full projection spreadsheet with cleverly built-in assumptions that are explained in the calculator.

Cost Of Publishing Package: Your Investment

Number of Book Sales:  Start by setting yourself a number you would like to sell in your first year – we base the assumption on your average royalty per book being around £4.

Price of Digital Product: If you have a membership, a course, or a small digital download that some of your readers will go on to buy, how much is that product?

Number of Digital Product Sales – How many of your readers (who now know, like & trust you) do you think would potentially buy that product?

Price of 1:1 Service – How much do you charge for any 1:1 package you have available?

Number of 1:1 Services Sales – And how many of your readers do you think would become 1:1 clients?

Play around with the numbers giving yourself a low, medium and stretch target.

Then if you want to look at how to add in more products and services, with a 4 year projection, download my advanced calculator.

This even includes projections based on you only hitting 20% of your actual goal.

ROI Calculator