Your secret writing agent unleashed

Hey lovely- so this blog comes as a weekly insight into the hidden magic of ghostwriting. When I tell people what it is I do, I often get looks of confusion and even questions relating to ghost hunting! I kid you not! So I wouldn’t blame you for wondering what it is a ghostwriter does and how we help female entrepreneurs succeed in book publishing and business.

There are so many beautiful reasons to becoming a number one best selling author in your field, ideas I have mentioned in previous blogs, but like anything, it does take time, motivation, skill and determination. I know from experiences that life as an entrepreneur is incredibly busy and while the dream of publishing a best selling book is one you may hold closely, we often never have the time to fulfill this dream or lack the writing skills to do it justice.

So while you have an incredible story to tell, teaching to offer, a lesson or blessing to share, or value to give, without the time or writing ability, the process can become incredibly stressful, fearful and time draining! So much so it may stop you ever taking action to fulfill this dream.

I’ve got to be honest in the fact that I didn’t always dream of becoming a ghostwriter, but I always had a passion for writing and so ghostwriting found me in many ways. For the clients at Author & Co who hire me to write their work, I like to think of myself as the secret agent to their written content.

There is a process that allows me to encapsulate your words, slang, language patterns, style of communication, emotions, thoughts, feelings, experiences, lessons, blessings, and objective of your book to share to the world. The handheld process is one that ensures your book is written for you, with authenticity and passion in a way that reaches your target audience and gives them the feel you want it to. The good news for you is while I spend the time and efforts creating your written content, it’s YOU who owns the copyright to everything written.

Whats more exciting is in the knowledge that whatever time scale you set for the launch date, your book will be ready! Giving you the time to focus on other important aspects of your business and life.

At Author & Co we aim to create magic and will always work to ensure we help you publish something you can be more than proud of!

I hope that’s given you a little bit more of an insight into the benefits of hiring a ghostwriter and also reassures you that if you have a dream to becoming a number one best selling author but perhaps lack the writing skills and time- we have your back every step of the way.

See you next week for some top tips!

With love always,


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