If you want to look back over your life knowing that you have written & published a book that has truly made a difference, the kind of book that people just have to share with others, then read on…

Hi, I’m Abigail Horne

owner and founder of the award-winning publishing company Authors & Co. We are a partnership publishing company that facilitates making book dreams come true.

We partner with you, the author, in writing and publishing a non-fiction book that turns the tide for your readers. Books that make a positive and potentially life-changing difference for the people that you are writing for.

There are many reasons why people can struggle to write a book this powerful on their own,


✒ Research: Non-fiction writing often involves genre research, which can be time-consuming and overwhelming for a new author.

✒ Lack of experience: New authors may lack the writing and publishing experience necessary to navigate the publishing industry and produce a well-written book.

✒ Self-discipline: Writing a non-fiction book requires a high level of self-discipline and focus, and new authors may struggle with staying motivated and on track.

✒ Expertise: A non-fiction book requires a level of expertise in the subject matter, and new authors may struggle to present complex information in an accessible and engaging way.

✒ Feedback: New authors may find it challenging to receive and incorporate feedback from editors, beta readers, or writing peers, as constructive criticism can be difficult to accept.

✒ Fear of failure: Finally, many new authors struggle with fear of failure, wondering if their ideas are valuable or if they will be able to successfully publish their book.

This does NOT need to be your story.

Introducing Authors & Co

your dedicated publishing team.

Here at Authors & Co, we embody a culture of three leading values:

Commitment – to your book and your individual needs as one of our authors.

Truth – Writing a great book requires practice in order to progress. With honest and truthful guidance on your project, we will support you in writing a great book, not just 50,000 words.

Devotion – to you as a person, as one of our authors and to your book project that you trust us with. Our work is so much more than a job to us; in fact, a little of us all goes into every book we birth as a company.

As a team, we have created a three-step process that will take you from rough thoughts in your head to a published book in the hands of your readers.

Step One…

a confident beginning

We have a library of essential training videos for you to explore the vital aspects of what it takes to research and develop your non-fiction book to get you confidently prepared for Step Two.

Here is the list of trainings you can enjoy in our video library.

Step Two…

Writing doesn’t have to be lonely.

We know that in order for you to write the best book you can, 1:1 support is invaluable.

Once you have digested the training materials in Step One (Part One), you will be invited to work with Deanne personally, who will help you develop and shape your non-fiction book ready for Step Three.

Your support package includes…



Six hour-long 1:1 sessions (over a time frame to suit you). The first session helps you create your book blueprint and sessions 2-6 help you overcome the challenges that present themselves to you while you are writing.


Commentary on your chapters to help you stay on track – an extra pair of (professional) eyes to raise questions, make suggestions and shape your manuscript while you create it.


Having Deanne on the journey with you makes you feel more like you’re creating a joint project with a colleague – the burden is shared and lightened.


Working with our writing coach and mentor can offer several benefits, including:

✓  Improved writing skills: Helping you hone your craft, improve your writing style, and develop your skills in areas where you struggle.

✓  Increased motivation and accountability: Providing you with encouragement and support, as well as holding you accountable to your goals.

Improved Structure: A writing coach can help you create a clear structure for your book, ensuring that it is well-organised and easy to follow.

✓  Feedback and constructive criticism: Providing you with constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement, helping you refine your work and overcome creative blocks.

✓  Increased confidence: Working with our whole team will give you more confidence and inspiration to complete your book.

✓  New perspectives and insights: Offering you fresh perspectives and insights, helping you see your work from new angles.

step three…

Let’s get you published.

Once your book is written to the standard of your “Best Draft” with Deanne’s support, we will then take it off your hands for publishing.

You will then have the absolute pleasure of working alongside some of the most talented professionals within the publishing industry as they bring your book to life.

Your publishing package includes…

Copyedit of your Final Draft Manuscript

✓ Professional Formatting & Typesetting

Bespoke Book Cover Design & Marketing Graphics Pack

Publication of Paperback & Kindle editions of your book

Publication of a beautiful Hardback edition of your book complete with Jacket (uploaded with wider distribution channels)

Authors & Co official ISBN

The loading and categorising of your files into a Print on Demand Platform to avoid the unnecessary costs of printing, packaging and posting your books out to readers. This will all be fulfilled for you.

Amazon Bestseller Review & Positioning in preparation for your launch.

(For your launch, we will position your book in various relevant categories within Amazon enabling you to maximise on your own marketing efforts)

If all of the above isn’t enough… 

You will retain all of the rights to your book and your royalties too. This will make life so much easier for you should your book be found at a later date by a traditional publisher (which has happened for some of our authors)



A comprehensive training library to give you the foundational knowledge you need to get started.


1:1 Mentorship and group support to help you write the best book you can.


Your published book in your hands (and your readers’ hands too).

Payment Plans Available…

Finally,  here is the best bit…

You will be invited to join Lisa & Abigail at an exclusive Author Showcase Event to celebrate you and your published book in style. How does that sound?

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