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Just like a fingerprint, your book is unique, so although we can share with you our typical packages, don’t be afraid of requesting something a little more bespoke should you not see what you are looking for.

When written like this as service offerings, they actually don’t showcase the essence of who we are, but just know these packages offer the essentials required for bringing your book to life. Here is what isn’t listed, but what you can expect from the “& CO” part of the partnership.

Dedication, Devotion & Damn right passion for your project.

Although we will tick off all the necessaries, we will do so with a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude to ensure that your experience with us is everything you could have dreamed of and then some.

Publish (Junior Team)

Publish (Senior Team)

Publish (A Novel)

Are you ready to start your book idea from scratch? Or do you have a book thats ready to publish? We have an opportunity for you to publish with our junior team…

Your Junior Publishing package includes:

✔  Access to recordings from The One programme. My signature publishing course to help you as you write.

✔ Orientation and welcome call with your project co-ordinator

✔ 1 x 30 minute support session with our editor.

✔ Monthly email check in’s for  accountability against agreed dates and timescales laid out for you.

✔ Access to ask direct questions with the A&C team whenever needed.

✔ Proof read and correction of your final draft manuscript *40k words

✔ Professional Formatting *40k Words

✔ Bespoke Book Cover Design & Marketing Graphic

✔ Publication of a paperback edition of your book

✔ Publication of an ebook edition of your book for Kindle

✔ 1 x 45 minute marketing strategy call

✔ Amazon Bestseller Review & Positioning in preparation for your launch

(For your launch, we will position your book in various relevant categories within Amazon enabling you to maximise on your own marketing efforts)

*40,000 Words

£5997 (a payment plan is available)

Here at Authors & Co we give publishing professionals the opportunity to earn as they continue to learn a higher level of skills on the job. They already have the appropriate qualifications and a minimum of two years experience; they just need an opportunity to grow in confidence with the support of our highly qualified team.

The end results for you – having a professionally published book like you are used to seeing us publish. Your experience should feel the same.

The end result for us – the opportunity to work with more of you whilst developing the talents of up and coming publishing super stars.

This package will allow you to hand over your word document to a team of professionals who will then take care of EVERYTHING required to take your book from penned to published!

If you are looking for the the ultimate publishing experience , then this is for you!

Books that Turn the Tide.

The Ultimate Writing & Publishing Package for changemakers.

If you want to look back over your life knowing that you have written and published a book that has truly made a difference, the kind of book that people just have to share with others, then read the full information page.

Your publishing experience will mirror that of some of the biggest traditional publishing houses in the world, and your book will stand side by side with theirs looking as expertly polished and professional.


If you have been dreaming of an end-to-end supported process for writing and publishing your very own novel, look no further…


For details of our our fiction writing and publishing package, please click the link to be taken to the full information page

This is an extensive 3-Part process for aspiring novelists which includes training, 1:1 mentorship and a ‘done for you” publishing service.