Unlock Your Child’s Creativity and Turn Summer Boredom into Storybook Magic!

Introducing Self-Publishing Summer School.

Do you want to inspire your child’s imagination and keep them engaged during the summer break? Look no further! Our Self-Publishing Summer School is the perfect opportunity for aspiring young authors to create their very own picture book. Not only will this course provide a fantastic outlet for creativity and learning, but it also offers a unique way to bust summer boredom and keep your child intellectually stimulated. By the end of the summer, your child could have a finished, self-published book in their hands.

*We believe that children aged 6-9 will enjoy this course. However, every child is unique, so we encourage you to review the course details to ensure it aligns with your child’s interests and abilities.

Why Enroll Your Child in our Self-Publishing Summer School?

✔ In a world where screen time often outweighs personal interactions, it’s more important than ever to encourage children to put down their devices and immerse themselves in the magical world of storytelling. This course will help them reconnect with their creativity and the joy of sharing stories.​

✔ The summer break can be long, and children often need structured activities to keep them engaged. This course provides a fun, educational, and structured activity that keeps children focused and productive.

✔ Writing stories allows children to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a safe and supportive environment. It’s a great way for them to explore their own identities and emotions.

✔ Completing a book from start to finish is a significant achievement. This course helps children build confidence in their abilities and gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.

✔ This course keeps children’s minds active and engaged during the summer break by involving them in writing, reading, and revising their own stories. By working on these activities, children improve their vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension, ensuring they return to school with sharpened literacy skills.

This Is for Your Child If:

✒ They love to tell stories and have a vivid imagination.

✒ They are looking for a fun and engaging way to spend their summer.

✒ They need a structured activity to keep them intellectually stimulated during the break.

✒ They are excited about the idea of creating their own picture book from start to finish.

✒ They are interested in learning about book design and the self-publishing process.

Parental or Caregiver Involvement and Participation

✔ You will receive access to all learning materials on Monday 22nd July 2024. This is an online programme that will take your child through a step by step process that they can enjoy at their own pace.

✔ Your involvement is important…(for the last bit anyway) Your child may need help sourcing an illustrator to bring their story to life. We will of course give full guidance on this.

✔ When it’s time for self-publishing, you will need to assist your child in creating a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account. This practical support will help them navigate the technical aspects of publishing their book, making the process smoother and more enjoyable. Again full instructions will be provided.


Meet your tutor, Abigail

Abigail is a literary powerhouse having written several bestselling books whilst also having worked with over 650 authors to do the same. Abigail’s impact spans more than 50 countries and her work with various charities has raised tens of thousands.

Attracting her team from the biggest publishing houses in the world, Abigail has set a new standard when it comes to hybrid publishing.

As a featured expert in Forbes, Marie Claire and The Huffington Post, Abigail is certainly no stranger to the media. Her work has also been showcased on BBC News and in Pick Me Up Magazine when Abigail was named their  “One in a Million”

Abigail is also a mum of three avid little  readers, Ted aged 12 (The world’s number one David Walliams fan!) Polly, aged 5 (“I want my Potty” is still going strong 35 years later in this house!) and Bobby aged 3, (Currently obsessing over the Gruffalo board book with felt flaps!)

Here is a sneak peek at what I will personally be delivering during this course:

✒Module 1: Let’s Begin Our Story Adventure

Learn what a story is, explore different types of stories, and understand the key elements of a story.

✒Module 2: Idea Treasure Hunt

Fun brainstorming exercises, idea mapping, and story starters to spark your child’s imagination.

✒Module 3: Meet Your Characters

Create character profiles, draw characters, and discuss character traits.

✒Module 4: Imaginary Worlds

Enhance vocabulary with descriptive language games, draw the setting, and create setting profiles.

✒Module 5: Crafting Your Adventure

Understand story arcs, create a plot map, and learn about conflict and resolution.

✒Module 6: Begin Your Story

Guided writing exercises and chapter planning to help your child start writing their first draft.

✒Module 7: Making Your Story Shine

Learn self-editing tips and polishing techniques to enhance vocabulary and flow.

✒Module 8: Picture Planning Fun

Create storyboards, brainstorm key scenes, and find an illustrator if needed.

✒Module 9: Book Design Magic

Set up Canva, design page layouts, and create an attractive book cover.

✒Module 10: Self-Publishing

Create a KDP account, upload the book, and order proof copies for review.

Your investment


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