I understand how confusing and overwhelming the self-publishing process can feel…

✒ You are frustrated with where to begin.

✒ You are afraid of being judged or not being good enough.

✒ You are feeling so stuck that you think your book may never happen, but deep down you know it will be a game changer for you.

✒ Are you just going around in circles without any specific, actionable direction that leads you to your goal? — a published book with lots of readers!

✒ You know your audience need what you offer, but you want them to DESIRE it so much that you are on their vision boards.

I’m Abigail Horne

Owner & Founder of Award-Winning Publishing House, Authors & Co – also a Bestselling Author & Featured Publishing Expert in Forbes.

I have personally helped over 400 business owners, become #1 Bestselling Authors by writing and publishing books that raise their profiles.

What if i told you…

That a book can support ALL of those things and more… and on average it only takes about 6 -months to get there.

Nope, you aren’t going to write and publish overnight, but within a few short months (that are going to pass anyway…)


Does any of this sound like you?

because here’s where I was at…

You KNOW you are an expert at what you do, but you need potential clients to SEE you as the expert.

You have a mission that’s bigger than yourself, you feel like you were born to make a difference.

You want to claim the opportunities & success that come with becoming an authority in your industry.

You can do it!

✔ We’ve made you a roadmap. A plan of action. A tried-and-true system to follow so you can feel confident about the future of your book.

✔ We are going to guide you through it, so no questions go unanswered, and you are encouraged and supported throughout your learning.

✔ You can get your hands on our exact publishing blueprint with honest, informative and actionable advice through every strategic step.

Let’s do it the right way

This is likely going to be the FIRST exposure someone gets to you and your brand unless you do this properly – it will have the exact OPPOSITE effect of what you are striving for.

The key to a successfully self-published book is that NO ONE should be able to tell its self-published.

Only then will it fly.


Needs to be well executed and feel great to the reader, not you.


Needs to look and feel like a professional has spaced and styled it correctly.


Needs to do so many things, that my design team are going to jump into the programme and give you the lowdown!

We can help you get this right…first time.

No making any mistakes that could cause you legal issues.

No crappy first chapter or overall structure that will turn your reader off.

No mistakes when publishing to ruin your outcome.

 Support from an entire team of experts from the UK’s biggest publishing houses.

A proven programme that has produced authors, not just writers.

Our clients leave showing others that they are THE ONE.

Introducing the solution  to making
your book dream a reality

Just imagine stripping away all the confusion of…

Planning & Preparation

What do your readers want & need?

Penning & Polishing

How the hell to write a GREAT book for your brand.

Publishing & Positioning

How to get it into the hands of your ideal clients.

Join a passionate group of aspiring authors…

The community of authors you will be entering will keep you accountable to the publishing results you are committed to achieving for the duration of the course. During the time you spend together; you will find one another a great source of feedback, Insight and encouragement. The collaborations and friendships formed will be invaluable.

This is the least expensive way to get Authors & Co’s extensive knowledge and support.

You’ll get regular attention and guidance from me for twelve weeks, plus I’ll be inviting several fabulous guest experts to share advice with you too.

You will enjoy guest workshops with…

Joanne Fisher

The Top Five Legal Issues for Authors & Self-Publishers.

Tom Stanhope

How to storyboard a Book Trailer that effortlessly sells your book.

Using Creative Feng Shui to write your most powerful & magnetic book with ease & flow.

You will enjoy weekly workshops with…


Abigail will support your planning, publishing & positioning.


Matt has worked for all the UK’s major publishing houses and has designed NYT Bestsellers.

Deanne will support you with structure, self-editing and feedback.

Lots of extra Support and Tutorials


Join the Course Facebook Group


Direct access to me and my support team within the group

Follow along with exclusive workbooks

Clients who have done it!