Authors & Co

Tree Grove

During the last five years we have come such a long way… published hundreds of books and sold tens of thousands. 

That’s a lot of books, and a lot of paper.

As a company we wanted to do something to give back to our planet, and that work starts now…

In collaboration with an incredible charity, Authors & Co are committed to planting 5 trees for every title we publish from the start of this (our fifth year 2022) onwards.

We began our grove with 1 tree, which will be lovingly planted with my eldest son Teddy in mind… long may he get lost in books.

We have then added a further 5 trees for each 2022 publication all dedicated to our authors and their books.

We have chosen to support the growth and rewilding of the Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands as a British based publishing company with Scottish Heritage. 

With so much thanks for all of your support helping us get to our fifth year, and to this point of rewilding of our forests here in the UK, one book at a time. 

Currently in our Tree Grove…

The Mission…

The Trees for Life mission is to rewild the Scottish Highlands by enabling the restoration of the globally unique Caledonian Forest which once covered much of Scotland.

The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.