Writers Of Contribution:

The Collective

Writing is a way of contributing something to the world we live in and saying something meaningful because, let’s face it, most of us aren’t going to have our voices heard in the way that, say, politicians do.

Yet, we are the ones showing up with the perfect blend of confidence and vulnerability from a place of truth, contribution and service to others.

We are the ones that SHOULD be heard.

Writing has always influenced the thoughts and feelings of others; it is one of the MOST effective means of reaching a significant number of people. Writing (and specifically, writing a book) is one of the greatest tools to increase your impact and income when it comes to your business.

Writing our book is writing to make a difference in this world.

Do you want to make a difference?

During the next twelve months,

I Want To Help You...

write better, think deeper and contribute your voice to the world in even more valuable ways.

I Want To Help You...

see that publishing your book in itself is another business for you, one that will not just pay you but change you in so many ways.

I Want to Show You...

that you are never the same person after your first book.

I will help you discover…

One of the most important things to help you discover (and own) is what YOU bring to this global discussion – that no one else can.

You do have a book in you. We need to bring it to the surface.

You don’t need to be brave to become a writer. You just need to acknowledge that you are terrified… and do it anyway.

Writing a book for many people ends up being salvation – and when writing finds you (and saves you), it opens up a whole new world of possibilities – I want that to be your story too.

The world will benefit from your knowledge and your story.

We all need stories; it’s how we come to understand ourselves. The very world we live in is just a collection of stories that are being shared between us all daily.

 When a child is born, the first thing it needs is safety and love. The next thing that the child asks for is “tell me a story”.

The moment you get clear on how to write is when you get clear about who you are. The two things are intrinsically linked since the day you first wanted a book read to you.

Let’s spend a year together,

finding you, helping you articulate who you are and who you serve.


Let’s write your book as a gift, the one thing that can add true meaning to others who have been asking for stories all of their lives.


Let’s publish your book for maximum impact, not just one that lasts for now, but for lifetimes to come.


Let’s create as many versions as it takes to make your message land with your dream reader.
• Kindle • Paperback • Hardback •

Let’s create,

so much content with compassion that we drive the change we want to see in this world while moving our businesses forward.

LET’S FORM AN ALLIANCE and lead from contribution.

This stuff is in our DNA.

Knowing what to write isn’t just about coming from a place of “this will help me sell” it’s a place deep, deep, deep inside of you that is nudging you and saying, “this is what I need to express”

My job is to make sure we find that in you and don’t stop until we get to the end.

If your 2022 plan is to “bang out a book” to make more money in the short term… you need to go to someone who doesn’t give a f*ck

I care way too much about the footprint our authors are leaving in this world to make short term success my priority.

I want two things for you.

Longevity & Legacy.

I’m not settling for anything less.

Neither should you.

I would love to introduce my NEW, INTIMATE and EXCLUSIVE offer for 2022:

Writers Of Contribution:

The Collective

A dance between working 1:1 with Authors & Co on your mission-driven books, and collectively as a close-knit group to support one another in the change you wish to make in the world.

Does This Sound Like You?

You get far more enjoyment when you are giving greater than receiving.

You have so many important things to say, but you aren’t sure of the right people are listening.

Your mission feels bigger than you

You want to be remembered for “something” and not for just “existing”

You want your business to financially Benefit a bigger cause (as well as yourself), you just don’t know how to piece it all together.

You are surrounded by so many entrepreneurs, but you want closer relationships with ones who are as heart-led as you are.

This is who I am, this is who my people are… and I’m wondering if this has spoken to you, making you one of those people too?

I have spent the last six months working towards my “bigger mission” and in March 2022 you will see what burns me up inside…

I want to share my world with people who are just as committed to making a difference as I am.

The twelve-month space I would

love to curate for you includes:

We begin with meeting in person as a collective for a day of getting to know each other in January.

We continue with monthly circles via zoom that last as long as they last. Time and space will be held for each leader to help each other move forward with their missions.

Each Collective Member & I will have 1:1 quarterly vision sessions to ensure the evolution of your bigger purpose.


Each Collective Member will experience an Authors & Co Publishing package with 1:1 access to the team for your writing and publishing requirements.

Your package includes:


On hand support from the Authors & Co Team to support you with anything from writing, to marketing, to expert positioning within your brand.


An Authors & Co official ISBN


Editor Feedback on your introduction for a powerful opening position.


Proofread and correction of your final draft manuscript


Professional Formatting


Bespoke Book Cover Design & Marketing Graphics Pack


A Complete Book Funnel Package which includes landing and sales pages plus an integrated email automation process and promotional graphics pack to assist in promoting, marketing and nurturing interest in your brand new book!


Publication of a paperback & Kindle edition of your book.


Publication of a beautiful Hardback edition of your book complete with Jacket. (Uploaded with wider distribution channels)


Amazon Bestseller Review & Positioning in preparation for your launch.

(For your launch, we will position your book in various relevant categories within Amazon enabling you to maximise on your own marketing efforts)


*50,000 Words

It Doesn’t Stop There!

Once your book is written you need to communicate with your ideal readers with passion and flair. This is done in many ways. One of the powerful tools at your disposal is video.

Video content that inspires and uplifts can deliver a deep connection to your ideal reader in a way that will nurture, build community and, ultimately, drive book sales.


Each Collective Member will therefore  have a full suite of professionally recorded video content to raise awareness of their book and mission. The package details are as follows:


A book trailer to emotionally connect with your future readers


A meet the author interview video.


Book funnel videos – short pieces of video content that take readers on a journey during and after the sales process.


Animated branding content – logos, name lower thirds, etc..

Your year will end with a celebration dinner. A celebration of you, and our collective contribution to the world.

Having written this, my heart is now bursting at what the next year holds…. This is by far the most emotionally charged offer I have ever made and if you show up with everything you have, I promise I will too.

After Our Twelve Months Together, you will…


Have clarity on who you are here to serve.


Have a professionally published book in multiple editions.


Have a book funnel to support your marketing and business growth.


Have a new found confidence after a year of 1:1 support.


Have an intimate group of new heart-centred and mission-led entrepreneur friends.


Have enjoyed a year of contribution to others and wider causes.


Understand your higher purpose when it comes to what you are ‘really’ trying to change with your book.


Understand how to write to support change and growth.


Be successfully leading your business with both competence and compassion.


Feel, and show up as, the best possible version of you!

The Investment?

The investment for this exclusive experience which is sure to surprise and delight is

£997 per month x twelve monthly payments.

How Do You Secure Your Space?

It is important I curate the right group, for you, and for my team, so I would ask that you register your interest by booking a call below. There will be no obligation or pushy tactics, it’s not my vibe.


I firmly believe that you will already know by reading this whether this speaks to you or not.

Love always,




Partners in publishing, friends for life.



The praise that gives us rosy-cheeks.

Accepting compliments isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us, if anyone comments on one of my outfits, I immediately throw back a comment to say that it’s only cheap and brush it off. You’ve done the same before, haven’t you? 🙂

But I simply cannot devalue what we do, because too much heart and soul goes into to bringing these books to bookshelves…

So this is where I take a deep breath, and as rosy-cheeked as it makes me, gratefully accept all of the kind words and praise left for the whole team by our clients over the years.

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