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Companion Course

Four years ago, I ditched the overwhelm of doing “all the things” to market my business and exchanged these efforts for just one thing… I wrote and published my brand positioning business book. A 200 page long insight into why and how to become an author to support you as an entrepreneur. This exploded the growth of my company from being just me to an employed team of professionals who have worked for the biggest publishing houses in the world. My book did THAT to my brand. Since then, I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to do the same.

The number one question I get asked is, “Where do I start?” and the answer is in this free companion course. Without it, you have no idea whether your book idea has any commercial potential.

This course will help you:

Sell the idea to yourself 

Sell the concept to others

Prepare you for exactly HOW your book marketing will replace ALL the things you’re trying

And just marketing gold in general that you may NOT have considered

Are you ready to make a global impact?

Let’s get started…

Addressing Your Self-Publishing Fears

You name the book writing fear. I – and most writers and authors I know have experienced it at one time or another. Rejection, success, failure, being visible, being invisible, not having anything worthwhile to write, the blank page & the page filled with junk… Recognise any of those? But fear doesn’t stop me from writing books or anything else anymore – and it doesn’t have to stop you.

What’s next?

Your Book Proposal

Writing and publishing a book for a brand that looks and feels amateur is NOT going to help you get ahead; it’s going to send people running a mile. First impressions and all that. But if you have written a great book, with the support of professionals, I promise you; no one will even know you didn’t get that book deal. A great book starts with a great book proposal. Not for anyone else, for YOU. For you to get so clear on your idea that you can sell the book in your sleep, quite literally. This free workshop will help you do JUST that.

Why do you want to write a book?

Desired Tangible Outcomes

Without fully understanding WHY you are writing a book, I can guarantee that you will miss a vital step. There are so many opportunities available to you, so in this training i’m going to take you through lots of things to consider to ensure you get it right… first time.

Ok, Next…

Your Dream Reader

How well do you REALLY know your ideal reader? It’s not a trick question, I want you to leave this section with clarity on exactly who you are speaking to. I know you will want to appeal to many, but the magic is in speaking to just one.

Your all important blueprint…

Your Book Blueprint

Your book blueprint is not only the skeleton of your book, but a fabulous reminder of what meat you intend to put on the bones. It can be designed in such a way that every time you sit down to write, you know EXACTLY what you will be writing about with a word count guideline to keep you on track.

Get clear on what you want to achieve with your nonfiction book, understand the sub genre of nonfiction you’re going to write and choose the structure for your book.

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The praise that gives us rosy-cheeks.

Accepting compliments isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us, if anyone comments on one of my outfits, I immediately throw back a comment to say that it’s only cheap and brush it off. You’ve done the same before, haven’t you? 🙂 But I simply cannot devalue what we do, because too much heart and soul goes into to bringing these books to bookshelves… So this is where I take a deep breath, and as rosy-cheeked as it makes me, gratefully accept all of the kind words and praise left for the whole team by our clients over the years.